The crystal light bed makes the energy circulate in the chakras as it should to free up the blockages.

When energy flows well, everything goes well. Whether it is a health problem, money, love, the healing bed amplifies your energy.

To regain joy and serenity. To know more about the benefits of crystals, contact us for a session.

Crystal light bed

Quartz, master of transformation
Pete was my contact when I bot the crystal bed because I didn’t have to go Bresil like everery body else. Pete Dumelle was downloaded with information to build his own crystal light be. By is spirituals guides (Laws of Vibrating Energy).

Everythin is energy, by using light, sound, crystals, and sacred geometry we can amplify and heal our own energies. This is just a tool in the healing and ascension process.

Pete’s crystal bed has seven quartz crystal spheres suspended approximately 12inches above the client’s body and help in by copper that is bent into sacred geometry shapes. Pete’s beds are the only one with the geometry forms.

The person receiving the session rests face up lying on a massage table bathing in the energy while listening to one of many meditations.

Each crystal is aligned above one of the seven human energy centers or chakras. Colors lights chosen to match the chakra colors, radiate light and energy throught the crystals and sacred geometry to each respective chakra to cleanse, balance, align and raise your frequency.

The system is run on low voltage to reduce EMF so your boby can just take in the healing energy.

Many people have reported transformational experiences, spiritual direction, emotional blokage clearences, clearer and deeper meditation sessions, physical sensations and much more energy and vitality.

If you wish to have more info abour the bed please contact me and I will be delited to answers your question.

Crystal light bed

Acts on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. Provides a better anchorage. An intense relaxation. A better connection to oneself. Clarity of mind. Helps manage stress.

Crystal light bed

New generation care device


The seven chakras in the human body.

Crystal light bed

7 chakras and 7 colors

Crystal light bed

Health Care

Crystal light bed

Health Care


  • Realeased old pain and patterns My crystal bed session was amazing, as were my previous one. As I got onto the the bed my energy was vibrating at a very high level. After the first few minutes, I left the bed and traveled to another dimension and received some intense work.

    In my previous sessions, I was given insights that help me internally resolve some issues that I was having trouble releasing.

    Realese of old pain and patterns and speaking my truth have been my areas of resistance. The crystal bed sessions have given me great guidance in these areas. I believe I released negativity that I was carrying.

    I feel so much better.

    Thank You

    Liz Rochefort
  • I was able to enjoy the crystal bed session , it was such a privilege to share the energy these crystals have and so cool how they align with and correspond to the 7 chakras of the body.

    It was very relaxing and I could feel the healing my body was experiencing both physically and spiritually. I highly recommend everyone trying this out.

    Thank You

    Susan Laplante

New technology combining crystal therapy, light therapy and color therapy.

Subtle purifier of Being in its entirety. True energy amplifier for body and mind. True energy amplifier for body and mind.

To know more about the benefits of crystals, go see me for a session.

Package starting at $ 30.00 for 1/2 hour.

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